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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost? There are many factors that are considered when bidding a job. The size of the stump(s), is there more than one stump, associated roots that need grinding etc. We can give a free estimate after speaking with you and seeing the job.

Can we send a picture of the stump for a free estimate? Yes, you may send a picture of your stump for a free estimate. Please keep in mind that pictures can be deceiving and the price of the job may change once we get on site. If there is a price change from our original quote we will always discuss with you before beginning the job.

How will you leave my yard? Grinding a stump will leave behind a pile of woodchips. The larger the stump the more woodchips will be left at the site. We take pride in our work and always clean up the area and rake the woodchips into a nice, neat pile. You also have the option to spread out evenly across an area. We can give a quote to haul off the woodchips if you prefer.

How deep do you grind? Typically, we grind 6-10 inches below ground. In some cases, if there are utility lines or any obstructions we will not be able to grind as deep.